At Liberty Coverage
We will visit your horse on site and capture him or her at liberty doing what horses do.
You may put your horse out in a pasture to run or you may choose to have your horse standing, grazing or otherwise posing for the camera.
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Action Coverage
We will come to your horse at his or her barn and set up a jump or series of jumps (you and your stable must provide).
This provides us a more "staged" position to photograph you and your horse to achieve those ideal shots.
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Event Coverage
We will attend your horse show or event and photograph you and your horse.
We can do this for various lengths of time to cover anything from warm ups to down time to all judged and non judged rounds and more.
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Lesson Coverage
We will travel to your stable and shoot your jump or flat lesson (with your trainer).
We attempt to take as many images as possible depending on the length of your lesson and such factors include;
weather, other participants within lesson and cooperation of all riders, trainers and horses.

Barn Call Coverage
We will drive to your facility and photograph the property and structures for you to use upon your website for promotional needs.

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